November Update

Thank you for the calls and emails we received inquiring about ReThink’s progress to become Alberta’s 14th public charter school!  The final proposal package was submitted to Education Minister David Eggen prior to November 1st. We anticipate hearing his decision by mid-January, or before.  As you may recall from earlier posts, the decision we receive from Minister Eggen is final.  We will keep posting new information on the website blog page, Facebook and Twitter.

ReThink Charter developers continue to advocate for charter approval within the community and government.  We are appreciative of the media opportunities that have helped us inform others about the need for this charter within the Calgary community.

Many parents have asked, “what can I do to help”?

Stories are powerful, and are a part of our daily lives.  Your story – much like the ones shared by ReThink in the media – can have a tremendous impact.  If you have someone in your family with a learning disability, share your story with your MLA and other people of influence within the community so they can understand the challenges facing children with learning differences.  Help them understand what a learning disability is, and why programs such as ReThink’s are so important.

I have posted a list of MLA’s for Calgary and a link to the electoral boundary maps below for your review.

Contacting MLA’s and those in government is one way to advocate for children with learning disabilities.  With knowledge and understanding comes action.

Thank you again for your interest in ReThink!

Kind Regards,

Gloria Zakariasen and the ReThink Team

MLA List

Hon. David Eggen, Minister of Education  Email [email protected]

Hon. Joe Ceci  403 216- 5454  Email:  [email protected] 
Greg Clark  403 252-0346  Email: [email protected]
Michael Connolly  403 216-5444  Email: [email protected]
Craig Coolahan  403 216-5430   Email: [email protected]
Deborah Drever  403 216-5400  Email: [email protected]
Mike Ellis  403 216-5439  Email: [email protected]
Rick Fraser 403 215-8930  Email: [email protected]
Hon. Kathleen Ganley  403 244-7737  Email: [email protected]
Richard Gotfried  403 278-4444  Email: [email protected]
Sandra Jansen  403 826-1619  Email: [email protected]
Anam Kazim 403 216-5421 Email: [email protected]
Jamie Kleinsteuber 403 274-1931 Email:[email protected]
Robyn Luff  403 216-5450   Email: [email protected]
Brian Malkinson  403 246-4794  Email: [email protected]
Ric McIver  403 215-4380   Email: [email protected]
Stephanie McLean  403 216-5436  Email: [email protected]
Karen McPherson  403 215-7710  Email: [email protected]
Ricardo Miranda  403 280-4022  Email: [email protected]
Brandy Payne  403 640- 1363  Email: [email protected]
Dave Rodney  403 238-1212  Email: [email protected]
Hon. Irfan Sabir  403 216-5424  Email: [email protected]
Graham Sucha  403 256-8969   Email: [email protected]
Dr. David Swann  403 216-5445  Email: [email protected]

Link to Electoral Boundary Maps for Calgary

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