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 Are you looking for a school that is just right for your child?  Do you want a welcoming learning environment that encourages effective communication and collaboration between parents and school staff?  If your child has alearning disability, ReThink Charter Academy may be just right for you.
Do you ever feel like you're the only kid who struggles in school? Ever wishyou could read or do things like the other kids in your class?  You are notalone - many people learn differently! If you are looking for a safe place tolearn in a way that makes sense to you, ReThink Charter Academy may beyour just right school!

ReThink Charter Update

The Government of Alberta has declined to approve charter school status for ReThink Charter Academy. Education Minister Eggen’s decision is final and there is no mechanism to appeal this unfortunate decision. ReThink Charter Academy will not open as a public charter school.

This is deeply disappointing news for the hundreds of families and community members awaiting the establishment of a charter school for children with learning disabilities in Calgary. The ReThink team has responded to the decision, and will post further information as it becomes available. Both letters may be viewed below.

Minister’s letterReThink’s response

To all of our supporters, thank you for believing in the learning possibilities for students and educators embedded within the ReThink Charter framework. Thank you for your interest and advocacy for ReThink. And most of all, thank you for advocating for children with learning disabilities, for whom this charter school was designed to support.

Regardless of the Minister’s decision, the dire need for ReThink’s program, which optimizes learning potential for children with learning disabilities, remains. We encourage you to continue to advocate for children with LD, and not allow the voice of need to become silent. We will continue to post information on the Blog page, and pursue avenues of possibility in support of children with learning disabilities.

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